Expand Into New Markets Easily With Cloud-Like Deployment

You can now deploy SmartCabs and Enterprise Bare Metal in a new metro using a simple self-service process.

This makes it easier to enter new markets, set up a point of presence closer to your customers, or establish a presence in a particular country to comply with data locality regulations.

SmartCabs are single-tenant cabinets that come with power and built-in connectivity, ready for you to install your own hardware. Enterprise Bare Metal enables you to deploy single-tenant servers with cloud-like agility, and with connectivity provided.

On the Infrastructure page, scroll down to Add Locations. Choose a location to enter the new deployment wizard. It guides you through the entire process, including specifying any networking and server requirements. 

The process is optimized to deliver usable infrastructure as quickly as possible. It eliminates the work and the risk of error associated with ordering infrastructure components separately.

This new order flow brings our existing self-service process for new customers into Command Center for the first time. See our guide to activating Enterprise Bare Metal nodes.