New Contact Notifications Report and Pricing Tool

We continue to improve your Cyxtera portal, so it’s easier to use, and you can find the information you need more quickly.

Contacts Notification Report

In the Contacts section of the portal, you can now access a report that tells you who receives notifications. That makes it easier to understand who is being alerted to technical issues at the data center, billing events, shipment updates, and security incidents.

To access the new report:

  1. Sign in to the Cyxtera portal.
  2. On the navbar on the left, click Contacts.
  3. On the right, select Additional Reports.
  4. Select Contact Notification Report.

You can page through the report on screen or export it as a .csv file.

Digital Exchange Pricing Tool

To streamline the process of getting a quote for Digital Exchange services, we have added a new Product Price Tool. The tool accepts the minimum information required to give you a quote for Metro-to-Metro Connect, Digital Cross Connect, and Cloud Connect services. Using the tool, you can more easily compare the cost of working with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud for your Cloud Connect services.

To find the Product Price Tool, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Cyxtera portal.
  2. On the navbar on the left, click Digital Exchange.
  3. Choose one of your metros.
  4. Select the Product Price Tool button in the top right.

While most people choose to use the Cyxtera portal on laptops and desktops, we have also been tuning it to work better on phones and tablets. We hope our work there will make it easier for you to respond to anything that happens while you’re away from your desk.