Command Center Spring Cleaning

We're always working toward making our user experience better. This release is driven by your feedback and contains many small improvements across the board.

  • When signing in, the MFA code field is now automatically selected, saving you a click.
  • The "Shipments Requiring Attention" section on the homepage now includes outbound shipments. The filters have also been adjusted to surface any shipment that is incurring storage charges.
  • When creating a ticket, we previously required Contacts to have a phone number and only showed contacts with phone numbers while searching. We now have relaxed the phone number requirement to only be required for Remote Hands tickets and now show contacts without phone numbers when searching, displaying a clear error message if a phone number is required.
  • Notes added when creating an order in the app are now shown on the order detail page.
  • When ordering an Ecosystem Connect, the rack names now wrap to show the full rack name and the selected Pod should be visible without having to scroll.
  • On an Access Authorization Record page, the Created By, Updated By, and Updated Date fields are now shown.
  • You can now create a scheduled report from the Reports > View All page.
  • Legacy, manually generated badge reports are now only visible under Reports > View All.

As part of this release, we've also fixed bugs that might have impacted your ability to export and view the data that matters to you. Thank you for sharing feedback with us and we encourage you to share feedback with us via the portal or by emailing [email protected].