Ticketing Overhaul

We’ve launched a new interface for creating a ticket, which greatly simplifies the process. To make it easier to send us requests and notify us of issues, we have:

  • Consolidated Remote Hands and Support Case requests into a single form.
  • Reduced the number of ticket types, so it’s easier for you to find the most suitable option, and it’s easier for us to route your request.
  • Reduced the number of form fields, so it takes less time to complete the form and you don’t need to scroll the screen as much.
  • Made the form more intelligent, with built-in filters to help you find the right space or asset. If you choose a location, for example, when you come to select a cage, you’ll only see cages in that location.

For more information see our guide to creating a ticket.


Earlier this year we combined all tickets into a single view, since this change any new tickets you have raised will be shown in the Cases area, whether they are support cases or Remote Hands requests. You can still find older "request" tickets created before this change listed in the Legacy Requests table.