Unified Colocation and Digital Exchange

We're introducing the biggest update to Command Center since launch. Starting today, we have unified your view of data centers and Digital Exchange services with a new metro dashboard. The Metro dashboard combines all your colocation assets and Digital Exchange assets in a single view. Now, you can see everything at a glance, from Cages and Cabinets to IP Connect and Enterprise Bare Metal nodes.

In the past you might have visited the Spaces or Digital Exchange sections of the app. Now, they are unified under one Infrastructure page with each metro getting its own dashboard.

Some highlights of the new experience:

  • Infrastructure pages now take the full width of your screen so you can see more details at a glance without needing to scroll.
  • Getting to each metro's dashboard is easier than ever before. The dashboard list is searchable and each page has a simple URL so it can be easily shared or bookmarked.
  • You can still view individual data centers, just click the drop-down with the metro name to select an individual data center.
  • Digital and traditional Cross Connects can now be viewed side-by-side in the Connectivity tab within each location.

We are excited to bring the automation of Digital Exchange alongside the power and familiarity of our colocation offerings in this update! We hope you find these changes helpful and please continue to send us feedback on what you'd like to see next in Command Center.