View Package Photos and Release Signatures

We’ve introduced a new feature that enables you to view photos of packages that we’ve received.

Although we refuse to accept delivery of packages that are damaged, the photo provides additional peace of mind that your shipment has arrived intact. You can also verify that the package meets your expectations in terms of size and shape. For shipments comprised of multiple packages, there will be one photo for each package. You can see the recipient name and signature for each package, too.

This feature is possible because we’ve created a new delivery receipt process in the data center, using iPads. As a result, we can digitally capture information about shipments as they arrive, and that information is available to you straight away.

To see the photos:

  1. Navigate to a shipment via the dashboard.
  2. In the shipments table, the new Images column shows icons for photos and signatures where available. Select the photo or signature icon to see the associated image.

Signatures are now visible on packages that have been released.