Add new compute nodes to a group

It’s easy to add new computes nodes to an existing cluster or standalone node group.

  1. In Command Center, head to the metro dashboard using your preferred method:
    • From the Overview page, scroll down to the locations section and select the relevant Metro region.
    • In the navbar, select Infrastructure and then the relevant Metro.
  2. Pick the correct account (BAN), if desired.
  3. Scroll down to the Digital Exchange Services section of the Metro page.

  1. Choose the group or cluster you want to amend to be taken to the relevant Compute Node page.

  1. Click on the Order New Nodes for Group button.

  1. Choose the model, term, and quantity of nodes you want to provision and click the Add Model button.
  2. When you’re ready, click Purchase Nodes and add to Group. The purchase button confirms the number of nodes and pricing.

  1. You’ll see a green confirmation of purchase banner, and the status of your node group or cluster will show as Configuring.