Request an Audit via Remote Hands

These instructions are for the Centersquare Portal.

  1. Navigate to the Centersquare Portal and select Create a Case

  2. Select Audits via Remote Hands under the list of services

  3. Fill out the Audit request form.
    Fields on the Audit request form are dependent on the Audit type selected: Sustainability, Power, Connectivity.

    • Audit Type
      • Sustainability, Power, Connectivity
    • Data Center
      • Select a data center
    • Account
      • Select an account
    • Audit Requested By*
      • Select a date for the Sustainability Audit to be completed by
    • Confirm the business impact of your issue†
      • Limited impact
      • Non-critical system is down
      • Critical system experiencing degradation
      • Critical system to my business is down
    • Do you want this to be a repeating task?†
      • Additional Instructions/Details
      • For Sustainability Audits, provide a time period for completion of the
    • Watchlist
      *Specific to Audit Type: Sustainability
      †Specific to Audit Types: Power and Connectivity