Connect to Digital Exchange

We offer different ways to connect to Digital Exchange, powering more use cases than ever before and allowing you to choose the type of service that is right for your organization.

Centersquare's Digital Exchange, our patented data center network fabric, enables organizations to connect seamlessly with on-demand services in the data center. We offer multiple ways to connect to the Digital Exchange. Either via redundant, dual port handoffs, ideal for backup and redundant connections via IP Connect, or via port packs which allow device and port-level access from any colocation area potentially eliminating the lengthy process of building and managing their own colocation.

Digital Exchange Port (pair)

A Digital Exchange Port offers a redundant, dual-port Single Mode Fiber (available in 1, 10, 100 Gbps) handoff between your network and the Digital Exchange, unlocking the full range of services including IP Connect, Cloud Connect, Metro-to-Metro Connect, and Enterprise Bare Metal. Digital Exchange Ports require two available Single Mode fiber ports on an Ecosystem Connect panel which provides structured cabling to our building Meet-Me Room. Digital Exchange Ports connect to the distribution level of our fabric, allowing you to reliably connect your network to the Digital Exchange network.

Digital Exchange Port Packs

For customers looking to reduce their time to market and leverage the powerful and scalable managed fabric Digital Exchange is built on, we offer Digital Exchange Port Packs. These enable customers to directly connect their devices to the access level of our fabric, greatly reducing the need for purchasing and maintaining expensive networking gear. Port Packs include a panel and structured cabling from your environment to the Meet-Me Room's Digital Exchange network panels and can be expanded with more connectivity as your needs change. To support connecting devices directly to our managed fabric, we offer port packs in Copper (1 Gbps) and Single Mode Fiber (10, 25 100 Gbps) varieties.

Digital Exchange Port (pair)Digital Exchange Port Pack
Port QuantityOne PairSets of 6 ports up to 96 ports
MediumSingle Mode Fiber (LC connector)Single Mode Fiber (LC connector), Copper (RJ-45 connector)
Speeds1, 10, 100 Gbps1 Gbps (Copper); 10, 25, 100 Gbps (SMF)
Network Access LevelDistributionAccess
Pre-requisitesEcosystem Connect panel with two available portsNone
Available servicesAll Digital Exchange services available in the locationAll Digital Exchange services available in the location
Available termsMonth-to-MonthMonth-to-Month