Create an Order

Orders related to Ecosystem Connect and Cross Connect may be placed within the portal. Cyxtera follows a standard data center interconnection model in all of its data centers. For more information on the Cyxtera interconnection products, see the Interconnection Reference Guide.


There are 3 ways to initiate a new Order:

  1. Using the "Create" menu (teal plus icon) in the navigation. Mouse over the navigation, and select the Create button to see orders that can be created.
  2. From the Account Overview page. Scroll to the Orders widget, and select "Create New Order."
  3. Certain things can be ordered contextually. For example, selecting an Ecosystem Connect port from within Infrastructure allows you to create a new Cross Connect order if the port is empty. Using this same method for occupied ports, you can also submit an order to move or disconnect a Cross Connect.

When submitted, Orders can be found on the Account Overview page, underneath the "Orders" overview item.

  1. Order Ecosystem Connect Bundle. Ecosystem Connect is a bundled cable connection between your colocation space and a Cyxtera Meet Me Room (MMR). Installation Location is the existing space into which the Ecosystem Connect cabling should be installed. Upon selection of an Ecosystem Connect Product, the setup price will be displayed.

  2. Order New Interconnection. Cross Connects link an available port Ecosystem Connect panel in the Meet Me Room to a port on a service provider or other data center customer in the Meet Me Room. An Ecosystem Connect port must be available before a Cross Connect may be ordered and all Cross Connect orders require an LOA/CFA from the connecting party. Complete the Order Interconnection form, making sure to provide all the required information as accurately as possible. Attach your completed LOA/CFA from your connecting party to ensure Cyxtera has the needed information and authorization to make the desired Cross Connect. Upon selection of a Cross Connect type, the setup cost and monthly fee will be displayed.

  3. Move Cross Connect. A Move Cross Connect order allows for the A-side or Z-side termination of an existing, active Cross Connect to be changed. For A-side moves, you may select another Ecosystem Connect, Ecosystem Entrance Panel, or Express Entrance Fiber port. For Z-end moves, please provide a new LOA with the new circuit information.