Create Remote Hands from a Shipment

How to ask us to perform actions in the data center related to a shipment request.

When a shipment request is used in combination with a Remote Hands ticket (where you ask us to help you send a package, or get an inbound shipment to your space) you can significantly increase the activities you can perform in your data center space without needing to be physically present.

Adding a Remote Hands request to the shipment

  1. Find the relevant shipment using your preferred method. See how to do this in View and manage shipments.
  2. Click on the Create Remote Hands button on the shipment to go the Create Ticket page.

Completing the Remote Hands ticket

Fill in all the required details to create the Remote Hands ticket.

  1. Choose Ticket Type: Check that Remote Hands is selected. Select it, if not.
  2. Select the Asset: Browse until you find the asset related to the shipping request, or use the Search box. You can search by name or by alias.
  3. Choose Work Type: Choose the appropriate button from the options available.
    • If you simply want to move your shipment to your environment, select Shipment-Related.
    • If you require hardware changes or installation, choose Hardware Install.
  4. Additional Details: Add all the information we’ll need to perform the Remote Hands task for you. Fields must be completed unless they’re marked as optional.
    • Priority: Choose from Critical, High, Medium, and Low. The Priority field allows you to convey to Cyxtera the level of importance this request has to your business. If you select "P1 – Critical", please contact the Customer Support Center by phone immediately following submission of the ticket so that we can begin working with you as quickly as possible to address your request.
    • Scheduling: If you would rather plan your request for a particular date and time, you’ll need to select Yes in the Scheduling Required dropdown, and enter the date and time in your account’s time zone. (You can choose to view the date and time in a second timezone alongside this.)

Click Submit Ticket. You should receive an onscreen message confirming the request has been successfully received.


Checking the Remote Hands request

Once you’ve completed the Remote Hands request in this way, the ticket number will be attached to your shipment request.