Create Scheduled Report

Set up regular reports to help manage your security, power, interconnection, and maintenance.

The Reports panel on your overview page provides a single place where you can download reports on contacts and access, power, interconnection, and changes and maintenance.

The reports are generated regularly, and contacts can be sent an easy link to download them when they’re ready. Reports are stored for you, so you can access past reports easily.

Creating a Report

To create a new report, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in here.
  2. Scroll down to the Reports section of the overview page.
  3. Click the Create New Report button on the right. You see the types of reports you can choose from:

  1. Select the report type you’d like to create. You will see the details available for the report. For a badge report report, it looks like this:

  1. All accounts are selected by default. You can click on All Accounts and deselect those you don’t want included.
  2. All locations are also selected by default. Click All Locations to narrow your choice if you only want a report on specific locations.
  3. Choose the Interval. Reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly.
  4. Choose the format for the report, either CSV or PDF.
  5. You can add and remove contacts who will receive a notification when a report is available. The notification includes a direct link to download it.

When you’ve created a report, you can’t change the accounts, locations, interval, or format. This ensures that reports are consistent and comparable. If you need a report showing different details, create a new report.

You can have multiple reports of the same type. You could, for example, have a weekly CSV report of badge events sent to one person and a monthly PDF of badge events sent to another.

Viewing, Downloading, and Archiving Reports

To view the reports you have created, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in here.
  2. Scroll down to the Reports part of your overview page.
  3. Find your report. Three reports are shown at a time, and you can page through them using the controls in the bottom right. Click View All on the right to see all your reports.

  1. On the pane for a report, you can use the icons to immediately view or download a report. The eye is used to view a PDF. The download icon allows your to download the report's PDF file or CSV file.
    Click on the pane for a report to go to its detail page, which looks like this:

  1. You can access all the previous editions of the report here. Use the paging controls in the bottom right to see more.
  2. Use the Download Latest button in the top right to quickly access the latest report.
  3. As your team members’ roles change, you can add or remove contacts who are notified about this report here. Click Save Changes when you’ve finished.
  4. If you no longer wish to have this report generated, click Archive. This will store your existing reports but not generate any more.
  5. If the report has not yet generated any output, you can click Delete to cancel and remove the report.