Deactivate a Contact

If a contact no longer requires portal and/or data center access, they may be deactivated to quickly remove any access they may have.

The portal filters most contact lists to show active personnel only, by default. Therefore, deactivating unneeded contacts will provide better visibility into your active contacts

It's important to note that deactivating a contact does not delete them from your account. Contacts cannot be deleted, so deactivating them is the best way to remove them from view when they're no longer needed.


Customer Admins Only

Only Customer Admins may deactivate and reactivate contacts.


To deactivate a contact, navigate to the contact record you wish to deactivate. At the top of the page, in the "Manage Contact" section, active contacts will have a "Deactivate Contact" option. Select the option and confirm that you wish to deactivate the contact.


Please Note

Deactivation will revoke all Access Authorizations associated with this contact. Contacts Portal Access will also be revoked and an email will be sent to the contact informing them of the change.

Reactivate Contact

After a contact has been revoked, they may be reactivated in order to again receive data center or Cyxtera Portal access. To reactivate, find the contact by searching in the Contacts list, or adjust the Contact list filters to include inactive contacts. You can do this by selecting "Show Filters" just above the Contacts list and filtering to "All" or "Deactivated" contacts.

After opening the Contact record for the deactivated contact, choose "Activate Contact" from within the Manage Contact box at the top of the page. You will be prompted to confirm the choice.

After activating the contact, they will again be able to receive AARs and portal access assignments through the portal.



Note that activating the contact does not automatically restore any physical data center access or portal access. Any access rights must be granted once again to the reactivated contact.