ESG Resources and Requests

Use our self-service resources to answer your ESG questions, and find out how to submit a request.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can get answers to your questions regarding our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) information. Cyxtera's approach to ESG integrates the needs of our customers, employees, and society alike and we want to ensure organizations are empowered to get the answers they need.

Cyxtera ESG Resources

We make resources covering our ESG data, including a Sustainablility Accounting Standards Board ("SASB") assessment, available at Many common ESG questions can be answered with this documentation.

Submit your questions

If you have outstanding questions, you can send them in a ticket to our ESG team, or include an attachment with your questionnaire. Please do not send us links to third-party questionnaires online: they require us to disclose proprietary information without having a non-disclosure agreement in place.

To submit your questionnaire:

  1. To submit your request, start by signing in to Cyxtera Command Center.

  2. On the navbar on the left, select Create (+) and then choose Ticket.

  3. For the Type, choose Request Operational Report.

  4. For Report Type selection, choose "ESG Requests"

  5. Enter a subject for your request, and use the Description box to detail your information.

  6. Use the Attachments box to upload any supporting documents, if desired.

  7. Select Submit ticket.