Digital Exchange Port Activation Guide

This guide provides the high-level steps to activate a Digital Exchange Port service.

Step 1: Set up Digital Exchange access in Command Center

Digital Exchange services are managed in Command Center. In order to access the Digital Exchange, you must have Customer Admin or Digital Exchange Provisioner access in Command Center. The Customer Admin for your account will need to ensure they have created a contact record for the Network Administration/Engineer/Technical Contact that will be configuring and managing your Digital Exchange services in the portal and assign this.

Step 2: Ensure all physical connections are completed

Once the Centersquare Implementation Services team confirms the completed installation of the Digital Exchange Port, you will need to establish a connection between the Centersquare Network Panel within your colocation environment and your device. Centersquare can complete this connection for you, if desired, via a Remote Hands request.



Exchange Port utilizes single mode fiber with LC connectors. Centersquare recommends that the handoff to your device also utilize single mode fiber (1310 nm wavelengths) with LC connectors. Media convertors are NOT recommended.
If you intend to use your Digital Exchange Port to support multiple services and VLANs, please ensure your device is configured for VLAN tagging.

Once all physical connections are established, the Digital Exchange Port will need to be logically configured and activated in the Digital Exchange.



You will not see light on the connection until the port is activated within Command Center.

Step 3: Activate Digital Exchange Port

  1. Navigate to the metro location from the Infrastructure page found the navigation bar of the app.

  1. Click on the Digital Exchange Port you wish to activate.

  1. Complete the activation of the Digital Exchange Port by selecting the Port Networking Type. For more information on port networking types, please see Exchange Port Configuration Options.

  1. Optional: Select the “Use Native VLAN” checkbox if you do not want to use 802.1Q VLAN trunks across the Digital Exchange Port. Otherwise, you are able to associate VLANs after the Exchange Port has been activated.

  1. Optional: Bind the Digital Exchange Port to Virtual Networks, Virtual Network Groups, or IP Connects.
  2. Select “Activate” to complete the activation process.



The Digital Exchange Port status indicator will change to "Installed" once the service is provisioned and activated.

Need Help? Check out the Knowledge Base

Centersquare has a series of Knowledge articles to aid you in the configuration and management of your services. Refer to the Knowledge Base for more information. If you need additional support, contact Centersquare Customer Care via a request within the app or reach out to your Sales Engineer.

  1. Open the App Menu by selecting the ellipse in the header of Command Center.
  2. Select Knowledge Base.
  3. Select Digital Exchange.