Order Interconnection

Interconnect with service providers and other customers within carrier-neutral Centersquare or third party Meet Me Rooms.

There are two types of Ecosystem Connect interconnections available to order from the Command Center:

  • A Cross Connect links an available port in an Ecosystem Connect panel in the Meet Me Room to a port held by a service provider or other data center customer in the Meet Me Room.
  • A Riser Connect is available in multi-tenant locations and links an available port in an Ecosystem Connect panel to a port in a third-party Meet Me Room in that facility. A Riser Connect combines a Cross Connect plus the onward connection to the non-Centersquare area of the facility.


An Ecosystem Connect port must be available before an interconnection may be ordered, whether it’s a Cross Connect or Riser Connect, and all interconnection orders require an LOA/CFA from the connecting party.


There are two ways to initiate a new interconnection order:

  1. In the navigation, open the Create menu (indicated by a plus icon). Then, select "Order," and click "Order New" within the Interconnection card.
  2. In Infrastructure, locate the Ecosystem Connect port where the interconnection should be installed and, within the context menu indicated by an ellipse (…), choose "Create Interconnection." This method will automatically complete the first two steps of the ordering process. if you choose this method, skip ahead to Step 3.

Click "Create Interconnection" from the port's context menu.

Step 1: Account & Pod

If starting from the Orders page, begin by selecting the Billing Account Number (BAN) the interconnection should be installed under. Then, select the Pod where the new interconnection will be installed.


Step 1

If you have selected a Pod in a multi-tenanted facility, you’ll see a Riser Connect Notice appear. Make sure that you correctly select whether you want to terminate the service in the Centersquare Meet Me Room (a Cross Connect) or in the third party Meet Me Room (a Riser Connect).

Step 2: Port Selection

In the next section, select the desired product type: Ecosystem Connect, Ecosystem Entrance Panel, or Express Entrance Fiber. Once the product type is selected, select the existing panel corresponding to that product, then choose the port on that panel for the A-end of the interconnection.


Order Multiple Cross Connects

If you intend to order multiple Cross Connects on one panel, you may select multiple ports and upload corresponding LOA/CFA files for each port.


Step 2

Step 3: Configure Connection

The easiest way to configure your connection is to type the name of your Z-side provider into the search box. Underneath the service provider’s name is displayed whether it’s a Cross Connect or Riser Connect. Alternatively, click Other, then choose the correct terminating area of the facility.

If you choose a connection or terminating area that requires a Riser Connect, the ‘Terminates in non-Centersquare area (Riser Connect)’ becomes checked, and the Order Summary changes to display Riser Connect.

Upload the LOA/CFA given by the Z-side provider. We accept PDF, DOC, and DOCX files. Set the requested install date and provide any additional information required and the order will be ready for submission.

The order summary on the right side of the page will indicate the type of connection, billing account number and price of the order. Select "Submit Order" to complete the order.


Step 3

Request Disconnection

To request a disconnect or move an interconnection from the portal, find the Ecosystem Connect panel the connection is placed on in the Infrastructure section of the app. On the connected port or via the interconnections list below the port display, select the context menu (indicated by the ellipsis).