Understanding Account Numbers

Accounts (BPID vs BANs)

There are two primary levels of customer billing accounts. A Billing Account Number (BAN) sits beneath a Billing Parent ID (BPID). BPID accounts connect multiple BAN accounts together, allowing customers to maintain one sign in for multiple BAN accounts.


The structure of billing account numbers.

Every asset or configuration item you have with Centersquare is associated with a BAN. This allows different business functions to have separate service agreements and terms. A common use of multiple billing accounts is for internal companies which often have one billing account for each country they work with Centersquare in. Some customers have different billing accounts for different verticals of their business as well for example, a BAN for the IT division of their business and another BAN for the Marketing division.

Account numbers are not only used for billing and assets. Contacts are associated with an account as well. Contacts at the BPID level are able to see each BAN underneath the BPID if they have portal access and are able to be assigned access to any of the Space s associated with those BANs.

Adding BAN aliases

Customer Admins on the portal have the ability to create and edit an alias for each billing account that is seen by all portal users. Since BANs are usually named with the company's legal entity name, Customer Admins may choose to display a simpler name within the portal. In some cases, multiple billing accounts each have the same name. Adding an alias allows you to disambiguate BANs otherwise only distinguishable by their number.

For Customer Admins, updating the account number aliases is simple. Click the ellipses at the bar at the top of the Account Overview, Contacts, or Space page that contains the company name. The choose "Edit Account Aliases" in the displayed menu. You'll be able to see a table of account names and add or update the aliases for any of the accounts displayed. An alias can also be removed by clearing the field.